How do you view sexuality? The society has a variety of opinions on every topic. The sexuality is one of the most discussedj one in the world. Unfortunately, there are always misconceptions and prejudices. The mastery of tantra, which is a tradition in the world, is the building block of erotic massage. Tantra has roots in religions widespread in the East and practices old more than 5000 years. You have certainly heard about them.

žena a tradície

What exactly has tantra and erotic massage similar? In Bratislava tantra salon they cannot exist separated. The tantra teaches us how to work with energy– especially sexual. The sexual energy is considered important and sacred. This energy is form of creative force in the Universe, consisting of masculine and feminine polarity. Polarities should be in harmony, because only in this case there is a successful life and joy. When we think about it and look for a meaning in every-day life of a person in 21. century, it is still relevant. It does not matter about gender, age or other human indicators. Everyone has a masculine and feminine qualities in `different amount`. There are women who have lot of masculine qualities and men who have feminine qualities.

žena a pozadie

The erotic massage is an art. It helps to connect person to their sexuality, helps erasing the feelings of shame, ineadequacy or loneliness. There is also a physical benefit of total relaxation and in some cases even multiple orgasm. Do not forget that salon does not offer sexual service. The salon appreciates the traditions and includes them in the process. A decent and polite behaviour is accepted and appropriate. A good health condion is required, It is important for safety of staff as well as other clients. Everything in the salon is hygienic and ready. There is only your effort to schedule a massage with a beautiful masseuse or handsome. They cannot wait!